Waiting on a Friend….

So I’ve been on Etsy since 2015. My shop is one of their more successful shops if I say so myself. The reason I know this is that when you searched handmade baskets, or handwoven baskets, my items came up on the first page. I’ve worked hard for many years to accomplish this. No ads on my end either.

This past week, however, I’ve found out how detrimental it is to have “all your eggs in one basket!” I tried to input a bank account number and some test deposits one too many times, and they immediately suspended my account. Now granted, I confused the numbers with my other Etsy account, but suspension!!! Never late on a payment, never copyright infringement, never any complaints and just like that: SUSPENDED.

I’m not complaining, well maybe, but it has been close to a week, with multiple emails, and only this morning I got a note back. I still have to confirm that the account is mine, providing them some information and it still says they’ll still have to get back to me.

My biggest takeaways are the following: 1- Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. 2- Etsy does not allow their customers to CALL them. As ludicrous as it sounds, it’s true. 4 days of trying to find a phone number, looking at websites, looking at previous threads etc and it’s nonexistent. 3. Keep your website up to date (refer back to #1

So that’s what I’ve been doing and is working a little, but it’s a whole different realm. But I’m still learning.

So again, here it is for you to take a look at and see all the new items I’ve added. Hope you have a great Sunday and I’ll be over here tweaking my site. Website that is.


A Little Introduction

I have quite a few new followers here so I thought I’d do a little introduction and update. Right now, I am a Basket Maker by trade. I left the world of business a few years ago to pursue my love of Basket Weaving full time. With the help of my family, this is now coming true. My son has entered into the picture, and now helps me full time. He is more of a utilitarian, so he is more interested in functional baskets, ie a Blanket Storage Basket with the purpose of storage or A Key Basket meant to hold, well keys. He has focused on these baskets in our shop. I focus more on the hanging Wall Baskets meant for decor or display. Or Heart Baskets just for looks. Below is one of the baskets he weaves for the shop on a pretty regular basis and has proven to be quite popular.

Large Storage Basket with Leather Handles

We currently sell on our website http://www.bouquetofbaskets.net and on Etsy. I am working to get all of my listings on our website so we can have one central location. A website offers much more customization and creativity than an Etsy Site. But I’ll be honest, definitely more work to figure out, keep updated and maintain. I put the link to our website so you can see all the new items and I’ve added and a sample peak of the new items below

Bouquet of Baskets – All things baskets

Basket with Clothespin Legs
Large Pocket Basket in Driftwood Gray
Medium Wall Basket with Leather Hanger Whitewash Finish

Thank you for following along on this journey with us and thanks for supporting our small business.

Hope you are off to a wonderful week!!

Wool Shenanigans

As you know, I love working with wool. I think it’s because it’s so beautiful and soft and just has the most vibrant colors. I just listed the first Primitive Pumpkin Sets of 2022. I really found some exquisite wool to work with this year.

The above pumpkins are in your typical fall colors. Below you’ll see some golden fall colors I thought would make a pretty set as well.

If you scroll down, you’ll see a couple of the other sets that are available now. You can find them under the Baskets for Sale tab. I’ll be adding more as fall gets closer.

Summertime in CNY

green leafed trees

Wow!! This summer is really flying by. Here in Upstate NY we don’t get a very long summer so you have to take advantage of it. Half of the days are cloudy or rainy so it gives you actually a month or two of nice weather. I’ve been working hard on lots of orders and working on my garden in between. I planted a few different varieties of squash, both summer and fall, beans, peas, early/late/roma tomatoes, and a couple variety of peppers. The seeds have sprouted and the plants are looking good.

Garlic will be ready to harvest in a few weeks. (See a photo of last years harvest below) We have at least this much for this year, maybe even a little more. Garlic is easy to grow. We grow the soft neck variety. We have been growing the same strand for around 25 years. If you want to try, you start with garlic from a mail order company or your local nursery. You just break the bulbs apart, plant them a couple inches deep with the root down, around 6-8 inches apart in mid October. Like magic, the next July you have garlic to harvest. I like to braid it and then the garlic will last the whole year. Save some to plant again and keep your strain going.

Happy gardening!!

Garlic 2021

Hope you have a great week and I’ll be working on some late summer and early fall colors for the mini baskets that have become quite popular. I’ll update the listing here on my website when the colors are finalized. I don’t like to post fall too soon because it makes the summer go even faster. Who’s with me???

Patriotic Decor

It’s so easy to create a little Patriotic Vignette in your home. Start with a tray basket. First add some red checked napkins with some cute napkin rings. Next place it on a blue tablecloth or runner. Lastly add some little Red, White & Blue hearts, or bottles, or coasters. So easy. ⬇️♥️⬇️🤍⬇️💙

Or you can use these cute little Red, White & Blue Baskets. Put them anyplace you want a pop of Color such as a small shelf or a tiered tray. ⬇️♥️⬇️🤍⬇️💙

Or you can use an All-in-One Red White & Blue Basket such as this. You can hang from a peg and add little flags, red flowers or little windmills. ⬇️♥️⬇️🤍⬇️💙

Happy Sunday & God Bless America


Foraging and Harvesting Baskets

This time of year is busy for my Foraging and Harvesting Baskets. These are just the right size for gathering mushrooms, leaves, flowers or anything you like to pickup along the way. You can also use them to carry your every day items or a notebook and some pens. I make them with a long carrying strap so you can carry over the shoulder, or you can carry cross body. You can find a couple of these right here on my website http://www.bouquetofbaskets.net or I have a larger selection on my Etsy Site See some of the different options below, but as always, these are handmade so very easily customizable. Hope you are having a great weekend and Happy Foraging!!!

BouquetofBaskets | Etsy

Early American Stain Hunter Green Strap
Early American Stain Burgundy Strap
Silvered Gray Stain Hunter Green Strap
Golden Oak Stain with Butternut Strap
Early American Stain with Burgundy Strap

New Basket Listings!!!!

This set of two cuties is now available here on my website. This set of Brightly colored baskets will be perfect to add some spring and summer color to your decor. Add them to your tier tray, or any small space that needs some instant color I decided on the colors based on customer response on my IG page @bouquetofbaskets. Visit me there if you haven’t already for up-to-date content.

Below is a photo of available colors, you can specify on the order page. Current colors are Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Red or White

Spring & summer colors available now!!!

Much goes into producing these little guys. I first weave the basket. I use 1/2′ flat for the spokes, twine the base with #3 round reed and then weave the sides with 3/16″ flat oval reed. The top itself is 3 different materials The rim is two pieces of 5/8″ flat reed, the filler is seagrass and then the lashing to hold the whole thing together is 3/16″ flat oval reed. I stain the basket with one of my new water-based stains, Mocha, and then finish by painting with the desired color(s) Hoped you liked learning a little about my process.

Below our furry friends, you can find another new listing added to my website. A new style of a basket with legs. I have an Oval Basket with legs already, so I have added a round one as well. This is a popular basket due to its unique legs. These guys will give you a clue as to what the original design was based on……..

sheep standing in enclosure in farmland
Photo by Beyza Efe on Pexels.com

So… the design this basket is based on is a Wool Drying Basket. The legs are to keep the wool off the ground when its drying, but these days most of these baskets are used for flowers, kindling towels and even extra toilet paper in the bathroom. I will say, I do sell many of these in a larger version at the New York State Fair for their intended purpose. Hope you like it!!!

New Water-based Stains

I started finishing some of my baskets with a water-based stain. It’s easier on the nose and the environment. I still have the previous colors, but am experimenting for the winter. So far they are going over well and my customers are loving them. They will become a permanent part of my collection Check out my Etsy Shop (link below) to see these colors. Available now over there


A New Idea

Some of the best ideas come directly from my customers. I had one ask me about making a bell. Well I didn’t see any patterns I liked so I just tried a freehand version. Here it is.

At first , there wasn’t enough “flare”, so I tightened up the top. I think it’s something I may be offering in a week or so. Stay tuned.

Upcoming Art Show

Calling all locals. I will be set up, weaving and selling at the The Keuka Art Festival. Hope to see you there!!! Check out their website. Link Below. ⬇️