Market Baskets

Happy New Week. 🌺🥰

I have a new design alert. This is a Small Market Basket. This little cutie only measures around 10” long. The uses are endless around your house, wherever you might need to corral a few things.

I was able to secure these little square hoops that I’m using for the handle, on sale, so I can offer a good price for this one. Available on my Etsy Site

New Design of a Market Basket

Next is one of the larger Market Baskets I offer. You would be able to take this one to the actual market and carry your produce. These guys are quite popular this time of year.

The old standby Full Size Market Basket

Here’s another smaller one. It is perfect to hold those smaller, boutique sizes of flavored oil and vinegar. Makes a cute gift

Olive Oil and Vinegar Basket

And these are only a few of the market Baskets I’ve done. They are so versatile and the designs are endless. Love your Market Basket.

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