Month: May 2021

New Items added

I’m working hard to make this my only website to purchase my products and learn more about me. I need to find out some additional means for shipping, since it seems you can only set up one shipping cost. I might have to eliminate… Continue Reading “New Items added”

It’s All In The Details…..

Every morning before I start weaving baskets, I trim and sign all the finished baskets that are shipping that day. So let’s go back a few days. Before the baskets are stained, my partner in crime, ie. my husband, uses a small torch on… Continue Reading “It’s All In The Details…..”

Now or never

So I finally did it. I changed my website to a business page so that I can sell multiple baskets to one customer and I can break away from my Etsy Store. The fees and the policies they are promoting are becoming very crippling… Continue Reading “Now or never”