Ready For The Day…

Thursday Morning- Making few orders.

Here are the raw materials I use to create some wall baskets. Included are 1/4” Flat Oval Reed, 1/2” Flat Reed, 5/8” Flat Reed and 1/4” Flat Reed.

Reed For Weaving

For these particular Wall Baskets , I’ll be using some Oak Handles. These are used to create the unique shape of these baskets.

Two types of handles here. 8” X 12” Tapered Oak Handles and 5” X 14” straight Oak Handles.

Here are the baskets I’m making with the Tapered Handles in mid production.

And here are the Baskets I’m making with the taller, non-tapered handles. Although the handles are slightly similar, the baskets will be totally different.

Below are the baskets finished for the day

They will dry the rest of today, and tomorrow I’ll stain and trim them.

The finished product.

Hope you have a magnificent weekend!!!

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