Loom Weavings

green plant in white ceramic vase

Basket weaving is my profession right now after being in the workforce for the last 25 years. I have done it part-time since 1990, YES, that’s a long time ago, doing in person sales/ parties and craft shows while working a full time job. How I started weaving these potholders, I don’t know. Well I guess I do. I saw someone doing these on Instagram and couldn’t believe the colors she had. And I couldn’t believe the heavy duty metal frame she was using. When I remembered that the process is actually the same technically as basket weaving it peaked my interest even more. I had to try it even though I currently have 50 or so hobbies or crafts I like to do.

I recall being young and going to the playground club. We used to make these potholders, much lesser quality of course and only in rainbow colors. We had cheap plastic looms that always broke and it was really hard to get the potholder off when you were finished. My how the supplies have changed. When I saw you could actually buy more neutral colors and deeper hues, I was hooked. When I saw the heavy duty metal frame was only around $20 and would last forever that was then it. The company that makes the looms loops is actually located in the United States and their specialty is wool for weaving wall art and rughooking. But I know they sell alot of these supplies because there are so many people making them.

The colors of the above weaving or potholder are Ochre, Chocolate and Winter White. This might be my favorite combination I have done so far. I sell mostly combination colors but I do get requests for single colors only. Mostly in the neutral tones: Winter White, Flax and Autumn. These weavings pair nicely with my handmade baskets and I’m going to get some more pictures of them working together. (That’s on the list.) Right now all of the weavings are on sale on my website. Just go to my website and you can find them under Baskets for Sale.

The weaving below is of the Swiss Cross design that was a customer request, so I listed it on my site.

Spring is on the way here in Central NY so I’ll hopefully be outside more working on those outside hobbies that I have. (Gardening, Hiking, Camping etc…) But right now I have a little pile growing of these cuties and you can even catch them on sale.

Happy Almost Spring!!

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