Who loves miniatures?

Everyone loves miniatures. Baskets are no exception. You can put these cuties in your dollhouse, I might have a few, put them on a small shelf or add to your mini collection

See below for how adorable they look in my dollhouses. Just an FYI- these minis can take just as long to weave as a small hanging wall basket. But they are so fun to do.

So be sure to check out these dollhouse baskets. They are available on my website. Link below ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Watch my latest video of my latest designs. So many baskets… so little time…

Check out my new Little Easter Baskets and this beautiful lidded Storage Basket. These are also available now on my website


Happy Sunday and I hope the daylight savings time isn’t too disruptive for you. I know it takes a couple days here in the northeast to adjust.

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