New Items added

I’m working hard to make this my only website to purchase my products and learn more about me. I need to find out some additional means for shipping, since it seems you can only set up one shipping cost. I might have to eliminate the shipping part and just put the price of the shipping in the product and advertise as free shipping. I will keep you updated as to the path I take. My son is a computer wiz so he will likely be able to figure it out for me. There has to be a way to add shipping if 2 or more items are purchased.

Happy Wednesday and we are definitely looking forward to a long weekend.

Here are some of the recent additions to my website……

A Lovely Waste Paper Basket with cute pine legs that we make here in our workshop

A very Country Style Wall Basket with a Rusty Tin Star

A Pouch Basket with a long leather hanger painted with a popular White-wash Finish

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