New Basket Listings!!!!

This set of two cuties is now available here on my website. This set of Brightly colored baskets will be perfect to add some spring and summer color to your decor. Add them to your tier tray, or any small space that needs some instant color I decided on the colors based on customer response on my IG page @bouquetofbaskets. Visit me there if you haven’t already for up-to-date content.

Below is a photo of available colors, you can specify on the order page. Current colors are Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Red or White

Spring & summer colors available now!!!

Much goes into producing these little guys. I first weave the basket. I use 1/2′ flat for the spokes, twine the base with #3 round reed and then weave the sides with 3/16″ flat oval reed. The top itself is 3 different materials The rim is two pieces of 5/8″ flat reed, the filler is seagrass and then the lashing to hold the whole thing together is 3/16″ flat oval reed. I stain the basket with one of my new water-based stains, Mocha, and then finish by painting with the desired color(s) Hoped you liked learning a little about my process.

Below our furry friends, you can find another new listing added to my website. A new style of a basket with legs. I have an Oval Basket with legs already, so I have added a round one as well. This is a popular basket due to its unique legs. These guys will give you a clue as to what the original design was based on……..

sheep standing in enclosure in farmland
Photo by Beyza Efe on

So… the design this basket is based on is a Wool Drying Basket. The legs are to keep the wool off the ground when its drying, but these days most of these baskets are used for flowers, kindling towels and even extra toilet paper in the bathroom. I will say, I do sell many of these in a larger version at the New York State Fair for their intended purpose. Hope you like it!!!

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