A Little Introduction

I have quite a few new followers here so I thought I’d do a little introduction and update. Right now, I am a Basket Maker by trade. I left the world of business a few years ago to pursue my love of Basket Weaving full time. With the help of my family, this is now coming true. My son has entered into the picture, and now helps me full time. He is more of a utilitarian, so he is more interested in functional baskets, ie a Blanket Storage Basket with the purpose of storage or A Key Basket meant to hold, well keys. He has focused on these baskets in our shop. I focus more on the hanging Wall Baskets meant for decor or display. Or Heart Baskets just for looks. Below is one of the baskets he weaves for the shop on a pretty regular basis and has proven to be quite popular.

Large Storage Basket with Leather Handles

We currently sell on our website http://www.bouquetofbaskets.net and on Etsy. I am working to get all of my listings on our website so we can have one central location. A website offers much more customization and creativity than an Etsy Site. But I’ll be honest, definitely more work to figure out, keep updated and maintain. I put the link to our website so you can see all the new items and I’ve added and a sample peak of the new items below

Bouquet of Baskets – All things baskets

Basket with Clothespin Legs
Large Pocket Basket in Driftwood Gray
Medium Wall Basket with Leather Hanger Whitewash Finish

Thank you for following along on this journey with us and thanks for supporting our small business.

Hope you are off to a wonderful week!!

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