Patriotic Decor

It’s so easy to create a little Patriotic Vignette in your home. Start with a tray basket. First add some red checked napkins with some cute napkin rings. Next place it on a blue tablecloth or runner. Lastly add some little Red, White & Blue hearts, or bottles, or coasters. So easy. ⬇️♥️⬇️🤍⬇️💙

Or you can use these cute little Red, White & Blue Baskets. Put them anyplace you want a pop of Color such as a small shelf or a tiered tray. ⬇️♥️⬇️🤍⬇️💙

Or you can use an All-in-One Red White & Blue Basket such as this. You can hang from a peg and add little flags, red flowers or little windmills. ⬇️♥️⬇️🤍⬇️💙

Happy Sunday & God Bless America


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