Summertime in CNY

green leafed trees

Wow!! This summer is really flying by. Here in Upstate NY we don’t get a very long summer so you have to take advantage of it. Half of the days are cloudy or rainy so it gives you actually a month or two of nice weather. I’ve been working hard on lots of orders and working on my garden in between. I planted a few different varieties of squash, both summer and fall, beans, peas, early/late/roma tomatoes, and a couple variety of peppers. The seeds have sprouted and the plants are looking good.

Garlic will be ready to harvest in a few weeks. (See a photo of last years harvest below) We have at least this much for this year, maybe even a little more. Garlic is easy to grow. We grow the soft neck variety. We have been growing the same strand for around 25 years. If you want to try, you start with garlic from a mail order company or your local nursery. You just break the bulbs apart, plant them a couple inches deep with the root down, around 6-8 inches apart in mid October. Like magic, the next July you have garlic to harvest. I like to braid it and then the garlic will last the whole year. Save some to plant again and keep your strain going.

Happy gardening!!

Garlic 2021

Hope you have a great week and I’ll be working on some late summer and early fall colors for the mini baskets that have become quite popular. I’ll update the listing here on my website when the colors are finalized. I don’t like to post fall too soon because it makes the summer go even faster. Who’s with me???

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