Grateful for all the support

Thanks so much to all my customers who have been supporting my small business during these most difficult of times. The orders, the love on my Social Media Sites etc etc certainly make me a happy entrepreneur. Can’t wait to continue creating for you in 2021.

Same basket, different finishes, different looks. So many options when handcrafting a basket.

Plain and simple Fruit Basket. Used those apples today to make a pie. It was a productive morning.

Progress !!!!!!!

New baskets added to my website today. Getting used to this, not as scary as it was. Definitely needs some fine tuning but it is coming along just fine . I will upgrade at some point and add a cart and such. Right now it is at its most basic point to be able to purchase a basket from me.

I currently have an Etsy Site but hoping to get it all moved over to this “Real” Website Soon Hope you are all having a wonderful week.

Search for Bouquetofbaskets under shops on

Wall Basket with a Brown Leather Hanger
Wall Basket with a Rusty Star

Buy Baskets

Updating my Website so you can now purchase Baskets through it. How Exciting!!!

Back on Track

My shop is back open. I took a few days to catch up on orders and try to get ahead of it.. I decided to leave items sold out and deactivate other baskets in my shop. This tactic was used instead of actually putting my shop on “vacation “. I’ve used the vacation mode in the past. It seemed to really hurt my store as far as new views and orders after I opened back up. Before I slowed my shop down, it was a week before I even started to weave an order. Now, I can weave orders within 1-2 days

My strategy started by finishing all of the remaining orders I had. It was very satisfying to weave that very last basket. For the last few months I’ve been receiving 50-60 orders per week. Each basket takes an average of over an hour to complete from start to finish. This pace, needless to say, is virtually impossible to keep up with.

Finished Up!!

My ultimate goal was to make new orders in a timely manner while also having baskets ready to ship. I ended up weaving 15 baskets that will be ready to stain and ship out. I will mix these stock baskets in with the orders I receive. This will alleviate the time pressures and delays I have been experiencing. This will also free up time to design new new ideas and experiment. believe this has to be part of any successful business.

Extra Stock!!

After opening back up, this strategy seems to be working and will be sustainable. I received 10 orders the first day. I had 6 of them already woven therefore had to weave 4. The second day I received 5 orders and will only have to weave 3 of them. While making these orders I will continually make duplicates of the baskets that regularly sell and keep them in stock. This will be my new strategy moving forward. I am very excited and I’ll keep you posted.

Great Thanks!!

The orders are still coming in during this pandemic of 2020. I am so grateful for my customers who continue to support my small business. I have been weaving almost full time to keep up with your orders and I am loving it. Hope everything is going well.

An assortment of baskets waiting
for their final coat of stain.
Pile of stained baskets ready to
ship out to their new homes.


Where I do some of my best brainstorming. My parents house on Sunday mornings.

New Basket Designs

Looking at my Etsy Site I realized I needed more lighter colors for people to choose from. Not all people like dark stain.

This is a new style wall basket I designed. It is shorter than most and wider. I added a leather hanger attached with gold Brads. The color is Fruitwood and it is the lightest stain I use currently.

The above basket is a another new wall basket. Wall baskets are definitely the most popular style sold on my site. This one has some accent rows of seagrass and a tapered front which add nice touches. At least I think so.

In the last couple days I have made 10 baskets 4 of which were orders and 6 to use for upcoming shows. Busy days but so much fun.

Candy Corn Basket 

Just ordered the dye to start making this Candy Corn Basket. Never too early for Candy Corn. The cream color you see is the basket reed left in its natural state. I love this basket. Very Fall-like. 

Good Read

Just finished reading Basketry. The Shaker Tradition. This is a very informative, interesting book on the Shakers themselves as well as their highly skilled basketmaking techniques. John McGuire takes you through the history of the Shakers and also demonstrates the skill of making these baskets. Wish I found this book years ago.I learned so much. Being a self taught Basketmaker I greatly appreciate the photos and detailed instructions. Can’t wait to read more of his books.