It’s All In The Details…..

Every morning before I start weaving baskets, I trim and sign all the finished baskets that are shipping that day.

So let’s go back a few days. Before the baskets are stained, my partner in crime, ie. my husband, uses a small torch on them to remove all of the “hairs” from the reed. Then we stain them. After they dry for a few days, I do the final trim and initial and date the bottom.

I’m sure I notice the little “hairs” on the baskets more than my customers would but I wouldn’t let them ship without this final step. I sign with my initials JB, and the date.

And on an unrelated note, we have bluebirds nesting in one of our birdhouses along our garden. They are absolutely gorgeous.

Hope you are having a great week.

Now or never

So I finally did it. I changed my website to a business page so that I can sell multiple baskets to one customer and I can break away from my Etsy Store. The fees and the policies they are promoting are becoming very crippling to a small business such as myself. I have set up this website through Woo Commerce. It is free with the Business upgrade to the website. I don’t think I can afford a website designer so I am attempting to do it myself. They have many tutorials and articles on how to set up a commerce website so I am referring to them. So far I have products added, payment set up, and a cart system. I’m trying to figure out the shipping without getting too complicated but so far can only figure out a flat rate for everything. Any help out there would be greatly appreciated.

now or never quote
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Market Baskets

Happy New Week. 🌺🥰

I have a new design alert. This is a Small Market Basket. This little cutie only measures around 10” long. The uses are endless around your house, wherever you might need to corral a few things.

I was able to secure these little square hoops that I’m using for the handle, on sale, so I can offer a good price for this one. Available on my Etsy Site

New Design of a Market Basket

Next is one of the larger Market Baskets I offer. You would be able to take this one to the actual market and carry your produce. These guys are quite popular this time of year.

The old standby Full Size Market Basket

Here’s another smaller one. It is perfect to hold those smaller, boutique sizes of flavored oil and vinegar. Makes a cute gift

Olive Oil and Vinegar Basket

And these are only a few of the market Baskets I’ve done. They are so versatile and the designs are endless. Love your Market Basket.

Who uses Pinterest???

People keep telling me how great Pinterest is for their business. I’m starting to utilize a business account I set up a month or so ago. I think the key is to work on it a little bit each day. I’ve noticed more traffic to my website and my IG account. You can tie all of your images back to your website or your e-commerce site. I’ll keep you posted.

New Hand Weavings

As with most artists, I love to use many mediums to create. Basketry is my first love but I also love working with wool, fabric, cotton etc. I found these beautiful patterns for wall hangings, trivets or trivets… however you want to use them. These are created using good old fashioned square Looms. Not usually a vibrant color person but for these I’ll make an exception.

Rainbow Trivet!!!
Large Neutral Trivet!!!

Spring has Sprung…

The weather up here in Upstate New York is finally moderating. Been adding some new items to my shop so check them out on my Etsy Site. But…. you can also purchase baskets right from this website. See the different sections in the drop down menu, Working on transferring more listings right here!!!

Summer dreaming already!!!

Heart Basket Love

Shipped out the last few Heart Baskets today. Happy Valentines Day!!!! And I purchased these tiny hearts last year from a cute Etsy Shop. I am going to get some more for sure. ❤️❤️❤️

People are going berserk over my Target Dupe……..

I get weekly requests to make this basket.Unfortunately, it is made of material and uses framework that I just don’t have It is very popular with home decorators on Instagram, and has been discontinued by Target for a year or so. It is, however, still highly sought after in that world.

Below is my version and needless to say my customers are loving it. It’s definitely a different basket, but it is inspired by the shape and size of this famous basket. I don’t do the tapered look because, well actually it’s just not practical design wise. But they don’t mind.

It will be back up in my Etsy shop when I get the current orders I have caught up. Hope you are having a fabulous week!!!

New Design

This new design is proving to be quite popular The combination of the beautiful leather handle and the whitewash finish is a customer favorite. It’s the longest leather hanger I currently make measuring around 15”.

The leather is sourced from a local shoe company. Scraps that would likely end up in the landfill are used to make these and other basket designs. Colors include Brown, Black, as seen below, Burgundy and Olive.

Hope you have a great day!!!